estate al Giau


Grab your backpack!


Tramonto al Giau

“Giau” means large pasture in the local Ladin language, an area to be explored and discovered day after day with a backpack and comfortable hiking boots.
The mountain huts are open from early June to mid-October and the area offers a wide range of possibilities to explore the surrounding mountains. The hiking routes are easy, well signposted, and stimulating.
To the north, an easy hike leads to the summit of Nuvolau where the oldest refuge in Cortina is located. To the south, the hiking trail winds along Mondeval to reach the Croda da Lago hut situated by a beautiful lake, among the most famous in the Dolomites.
Equipped with a helmet and rope for safety you can also tackle the easy via ferrata routes of the Cernera and Averau.
The Lagazuoi - 5 Torri area is renowned for its many excellent mountain huts and the convenient connections offered by the lift facilities both summer and winter.

Climbing in Cortina

Our mountains offer not only adventure and outdoor activities, but they are also loved for the culture and the history they transmit.
The Great War Museums of the 5 Torri and Lagazuoi are easily accessible to hikers and visitors. Along trails winding through grass-covered landscapes covered with flowers, in this still virgin territory, wild animal encounters are not uncommon, to the delight of photography enthusiasts.
The more adventurous can explore the forests and peaks along the antique Giau Wall, or hike in the footsteps of the pre-historic Mondeval Man, always in the inevitable company of grazing cows and horses.
The Giau Pass is located on the Alta Via nr 1, the famous alpine route that leads from Braies to Belluno through some of the most fascinating landscapes in the Dolomites, such as Fanes, Lagazuoi and Civetta.

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